Indonesia’s natural wealth is a magnet that is always able to attract tourists. From mountains to the sea, from the highlands to the valleys and canyons, everything is breathtaking.

The following 61 tourist attractions in Indonesia are still a favorite of tourists in 2019! Are you ready to explore and be more impressed with your own country? Here are the reviews!

1Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara

Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara via gotripina

If Lombok is known for its beauty of the famous Trawangan, the Mandalika also doesn’t want to lose. To attract the attention of the world, the government is building resorts and other infrastructure. Even the beauty of the beaches is no less interesting than those in Bali.

This location is also a perfect place for surfing. Especially on Ubrug Beach. Not only has the view so captivating, the big waves were quite challenging.

2Sumurtiga Beach, Sabang

Sumurtiga Beach, Sabang via disbudpar Aceh

Exploring tourist destinations in Indonesia, we first started from the City of Sabang, Aceh Special Region. Precisely at Sumurtiga Beach. This beach has white sand with a long coastal area.

Her beauty is more perfect when combined with light blue sea water. Many consider that Sumurtiga Beach is not beautiful with the beaches in Hawaii.

3Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba, North Sumatra via Wikipedia

The lake formed by volcanic activity is referred to as the most beautiful volcanic lake in Indonesia. Lake Toba along with the scenery around it, appears as one of the prima donna of North Sumatra.

In addition, tourists can also feel at home in exploring the pine forest, enjoying waterfalls and soaking in hot spring baths which are still in the same area as Lake Toba. A Traveler’s friend can also visit the two tourist villages on Samosir Island!

4Sianok Canyon, Bukittinggi

Ngarai Sianok Canyon, Bukittinggi

Sianok canyon in Bukittinggi is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia which remains a favorite in 2019. Being one of the pride of the people of West Sumatra, Sianok canyon looks beautiful with its landscape in the form of narrow valleys and steep hills.

In the middle of the valley, a small river flows. Its existence adds to the beautiful scenery that is here. The atmosphere is calm so it is perfect for anyone who needs to calm down.

5Anambas Islands, Kep. Riau

Anambas Islands, Kep. Riau via triptus

Anambas Islands in the Riau Islands in 2013 was once named the Best Tropical Islands in Asia according to CNN. The predicate is of course given to Anambas because he has an extraordinary landscape.

Visiting here, Friends Traveler will be captivated by the white sand and soft and beautifully formed natural coral reefs. Do you want to visit this Indonesian Maldives?

6Kampar River, Riau

Kampar River, Riau

Likes to surf? Then don’t miss to travel to Kampar River, Riau! This river is famous for having pretty challenging waves as high as 6 meters.

Based on these criteria, the river in Meranti Bay, Pelalawan Regency, Riau is a suitable destination for junkie adrenaline. Ready to conquer the waves? Schedule soon!

7Muaro Jambi Temple, Jambi

Muaro Jambi Temple, Jambi via jolygram

Muaro Jambi Temple is the largest Hindu-Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia. As one of the historical tourism destinations, Muaro Jambi Temple consists of the values of the integration of the Sriwijaya Kingdom and the Malay Kingdom. According to estimates, this temple has been established since there are 11 AD.

Tourist attractions in Indonesia which was inaugurated in 2012 as KWST (Integrated Historical Tourism Area) is visited by many local and foreign tourists. They are curious about one of the centers of Buddhist worship in Mahayana Tantri in this country.

8Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Museum, Palembang

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Museum, Palembang

Palembang is famous for its Ampera Bridge which is still standing strong even though it is very old, Palembang also has several fun tourist destinations. Especially for lovers of history and culture. One of them is the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Museum.

This museum is a relic of the Netherlands which holds various collections of unique objects from various fields. Such as relics from the fields of biology, ethnography, archeology, ceramicsology, fine arts to numismatics. This two-story museum also has a collection of Malay culture such as traditional clothing, ancient money, musical instruments and songket cloth.

9Fort Marlborough, Bengkulu

Fort Marlborough, Bengkulu via flickr

Fort Marlborough is a historical tourist destination that is still a favorite of tourists in 2019. This fort is a British heritage built by the EIC (East India Company) in 1713 ago. At that time, he functioned as a British defense point from the enemy.

The fort which stands on an area of 44,000 square meters has a height of 8-8.5 meters. Inside the fort, there are several buildings with triangular roofs. It was said that Fort Marlborough was the second strongest fortress built by the British in the East. Extraordinary!

10Way Kambas National Park, Lampung

Way Kambas National Park, Lampung via

First built in 1985, Way Kambas National Park is a great place to see elephants more closely. Inaugurated as the first elephant school in Indonesia, this place is a conservation center and elephant training.

In the same location there is also the International Rhino Foundation which was built as a rhino breeding area from the threat of extinction. Schedule to play here while on vacation to Lampung!

11Parai Tenggiri Beach, Bangka Belitung

Parai Tenggiri Beach, Bangka Belitung via

The beaches in Bangka Belitung can be easily recognized from rocks of various sizes scattered on the coast. Similarly, the attraction of the Tenggiri Parai Beach. In addition to exotic rocks, Parai Tenggiri Beach is quite gentle with turquoise sea water.

The sand on the beach is quite soft, pleasant to walk on it. In addition, the waves here are also famous for being calm. Really the right choice to calm the mind.

12Peucang Island, Banten

Peucang Island, Banten via wikipedia

Traveler, have you ever been to Ujung Kulon National Park? Well! Peucang Island is in the eastern part of the region! No kidding, this island has been designated as one of the UNESCO cultural heritage sites you know!

Vacationers here, tourists will meet with various types of plants and animals typical of Banten such as the Javanese Bull, Lutung, Green Peacock and Deer. Not only that, white sand and blue sea water on Peucang Island will also spoil your eyes!

13Kepulauan Seribu, DKI Jakarta

Kepulauan Seribu, DKI Jakarta

Located in the northern part of Jakarta, the Thousand Islands is like a short heaven that can be visited by citizens of the capital when tired. A variety of fun attractions can be Traveler Friends get here! Like visiting a conservation zone as well as tourist attractions in the Thousand Islands National Park.

Not only that, tourists can also visit several beautiful islands in the Thousand Islands. Such as Onrust Island, Kahyangan Island and Angel Island. The waters on these islands are suitable for snorkeling, diving and some other fun!

14Batu Lamampu Beach, East Kalimantan

Batu Lamampu Beach, East Kalimantan via

Kalimantan is arguably endless in terms of tourism. Furthermore, there is Batu Lamampu Beach located in Sebatik District, Kab. Nunukan, East Kalimantan. When visiting here, you will have a beautiful and captivating panorama. Clean and beautiful beach stretch will make you feel at home for long.

15Barito Bridge, South Kalimantan

Barito Bridge, South Kalimantan via Shutterstock

There is in South Kalimantan, precisely in Banjarmasin there is the famous and popular Barito Bridge. This is a bridge that was inaugurated by President Soeharto in 1997. This bridge has a length of approximately 1,082 meters.

The Barito Bridge has become an icon of the city of Banjarmasin which is arguably never quiet. In fact, the more even the more tourists coming. They came to enjoy the beauty and breadth of the Barito River which is crossed by the Barito Bridge.

16Uluwatu Temple, Bali

Uluwatu Temple, Bali via Shutterstock

Who doesn’t know about Bali, many beautiful destinations are offered here. One of them is the variety of temples contained in it. Even so many, Bali is called the Thousand Temples. The recommended example is Uluwatu Temple.

The location of this temple is in the Village of Pecatu, Kuta District, Badung, Bali. The place is located at an altitude of 97 meters above sea level. Oh yeah, you can see the Kecak dance performance while you’re here, this is one of the best spots.

17Nusa Dua, Bali

Nusa Dua, Bali via Shutterstock

Still in Bali there are other tourist destinations that are no less exotic, namely Nusa Dua. Here the beach has a white color with clear blue sea water. You can enjoy a variety of panoramas offered, or can do fun activities such as surfing.

Facilities in Nusa Dua are numerous and complete, ranging from restaurants, international class lodging, shopping centers, and others. Come to Nusa Dua if you are in Bali, sure you will definitely have the desire to come back.

18Mount Kelimutu National Park, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

Mount Kelimutu National Park, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara via Shutterstock

From the Island of the Gods we go to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). This region also offers a variety of charming tourist destinations, not inferior to other destinations in Indonesia. There is also a Mount Kelimutu National Park.

This tourist attraction in NTT has a lot of attractions. For example, there are gently sloping hills, mountains, and even mountains up to 1,731 as high as Mount Kelibra. Coupled with the existence of Mount Kelimutu and a beautiful three-color lake.

19Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara

Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara via Shutterstock

The name Gili Trawangan itself is already prominent in Indonesia. One of the charms is the beautiful beaches in it. Travelers who travel here will surely be bewitched by the charms offered. Do you like places that are a little private? Just come to Gili Trawangan on the west side, not as busy as the east side.

20Mount Rinjani, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Mount Rinjani, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara via Shutterstock

For those of you who like climbing activities, you must be very familiar with Mount Rinjani in Lombok. This place is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. And because of that, almost every year many climbers try to conquer it.

The height of Rinjani reaches 3,726 meters above sea level. Although you struggle when climbing it, the panorama is very beautiful. On it there are also edelweiss flowers and Lake Segara Anak, which has been the target of climbers. Are you sure you don’t want to come here?

21Bunaken Marine Park, Manado, North Sulawesi

Bunaken Marine Park, Manado, North Sulawesi via Shutterstock

Then we turn to the Sulawesi, precisely North Sulawesi. Here there is a destination called Bunaken Marine Park which has a panorama that is so pampering. Because of that, it’s not wrong if this place is often the main destination when exploring North Sulawesi.

In the Bunaken Marine Park which has an area of ​​about 890.65 km, there are various types of beautiful coral reefs. Not only that, there are also many species of fish that number in the tens. Come here in May-August to be able to see clear sea water.

22Dato Majene Beach, West Sulawesi

Dato Majene Beach, West Sulawesi via Shutterstock

Another beautiful tourist destination that needs to be visited is West Sulawesi. Really charming. Here there are tourist attractions in Indonesia named Dato Majene Beach. The location has a distance of approximately 7 km from the center of Majene City.

Like most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, this tour presents white sand that is so clean like a rug. Here many exciting activities that can be done. Starting from fishing, snorkeling, swimming, until enjoying the sunset.

23Togean Islands National Park, Central Sulawesi

Togean Islands National Park, Central Sulawesi via Shutterstock

Then to Central Sulawesi there is a tour of the Togean Islands National Park which is famous for its beautiful and rich in rare biota. In it there is a beautiful coral reef, perfect for you who like to visit the beauty of the ocean and its contents. One area that is used as a snorkeling spot is Kadadiri Island. Amazing natural panorama will make you reluctant to go home.

24Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi via Shutterstock

Another beautiful tourist spot in Indonesia is Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi. Here presents a natural tourist destination that is so amazing. For those of you who don’t know, Wakatobi is an acronym for the names of the big islands found here, namely Wanci, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko.

Not only is nature famous for its stunning beauty, it is also known as one of the blacksmith centers. It is said that according to many people, machetes and knives made here have superior quality, strong, sharp, and also anti-rust.

Losari Beach, Makassar, South Sulawesi

Losari Beach, Makassar, South Sulawesi
Losari Beach, Makassar, South Sulawesi

Losari Beach is not a new name in the world of tourism. Of course you will be very familiar with this location because often wara wiri is a place for various activities. Well, Losari Beach is located in Makassar, South Sulawesi and is a favorite for visitors, both local and outside residents.

The most delicious way to enjoy Losari Beach is to sit around the beach and eat its special culinary, for example epe banana. Don’t be surprised Friend Traveler, the more visitors will arrive in the afternoon.

25Ora Beach, Maluku

Ora Beach, Maluku via Shutterstock

Ora Beach in Maluku is also one of the main attractions for tourists. Well, the panoramas are amazing here. Sea water, sand and others will amaze you with its beauty. But one thing needs to be remembered, when roaming here bring enough cash because there are no ATMs around the location.

26Kedung Pedut Waterfall, Kulon Progo-Jogja

Kedung Pedut Waterfall, Kulon Progo-Jogja via Shutterstock

Kedung Pedut Waterfall is located in Kembang Hamlet, Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulon Progo, Jogja. Is one of the beautiful waterfalls in this region. Because the waterfall with a height of about 15 meters has two ponds of different colors, Tosca green and blue.

The phenomenon is said to be the influence of the color of the rocks at the bottom of the water reservoir. A Traveler’s friend can dip into the pool, enjoying its freshness. May also try other vehicles such as flying fox.

27Canting Mas Puncak Dipowono, Kulon Progo-Jogja

Canting Mas Puncak Dipowono, Kulon Progo-Jogja via Shutterstock

This tourist spot in Indonesia is located in the village of Hargowilis, Kulon Progo, Jogja. The height of this peak is around 700 meters above sea level, Friends Traveler can watch the panorama of the greenness of the mountains and the Sermo Reservoir. It can even be used as an appropriate spot to witness the beauty of the sunset.

Can also hunt selfies in the viewing post shaped tree houses, against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Kulon Progo. Canting Mas Puncak Dipowono is also still a location with Kalibiru nature tourism.

28Chicken Church, Magelang-Central Java

Chicken Church, Magelang-Central Java via Shutterstock

When you hear the word church, generally the shape will have a triangular roof with a cross. Unlike the church in Magelang, Central Java, it resembles a chicken’s head. Not functioning as a place of worship, the Chicken Church is crowded with visitors thanks to its unique shape.

But unfortunately there are many traces of vandalism on the walls. Another specialty is its location which is close to Punthuk Setumbu and Borobudur Temple. Even if you climb to the top of the church, Friends Traveler can witness the splendor of the temple in the distance.

29Kawah Putih Ciwidey, Bandung-West Java

Kawah Putih Ciwidey, Bandung-West Java via Shutterstock

White crater is a quite famous Ciwidey tour, in the form of a crater formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha. The greenish white color is an attraction for travelers to come. A Traveler’s friend can climb this mountain to one of the cliffs, Sunan Ibu. From up here, you can see the beauty of the White Crater as a whole.

Want to try to conquer this region? Just skate to the White Crater located on Jalan Soreang Ciwidey can be reached for 30 minutes by motorized vehicle, also prepare a fee for the entrance ticket for Rp. 17 thousand.

30Karimunjawa Islands, Jepara-Central Java

Karimunjawa Islands, Jepara-Central Java via Shutterstock

Karimunjawa, an archipelago with several islands, is located approximately 83 kilometers from Jepara, Central Java. This area is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and attracts travelers to stop by. There are several islands including, Menjangan Big and Small, Big and Small Cemara, and Gelam Island.

With so many islands to go to, Friend Traveler can also do various anti-bored activities. Snorkeling, interacting with sharks, watching the beauty of the sunset, and tasting Karimunjawa special culinary such as yellow-tailed fish balls to crumbly rice cake.

31Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi-East Java

Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi-East Java via Shutterstock

Ijen Crater is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia which has a Blue Fire alias eternal fire. Sulfur Lake has a beautiful Tosca. No wonder travelers are willing to climb for the sake of watching it. Before boarding, you should prepare physically well, because the journey can take around 4 hours.

Don’t forget to always wear a mask during the trip. Because the smell of sulfur is quite piercing the nose. If you want to watch Blue Fire, make sure you arrive at the location early in the morning before dawn.

32Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan

Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan via Shutterstock

This time let’s move on to tourist attractions in Indonesia, specifically the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. Its beauty is not inferior to Raja Ampat. This area has at least three islands which are tourist destinations.

Pulau Kakaban with its lake filled with jellyfish without sting. Maratua Island is famous as a turtle crossing. Sangalaki Island which has Manta Stingrays. Derawan Islands has a beautiful underwater panorama, suitable as a diving spot.

33Old City Semarang, Central Java

Old City Semarang, Central Java via Shutterstock

Semarang, known as the city of lumpia, has historical tourism, namely the Old City. There is a classic Dutch heritage building that is now a vacation vacation destination. Among the Marba Building which has existed since the 19th century. Formerly functioned as a shipping office and shop business. There is also the Blenduk Church which was built by the Dutch in 1753, until the old house is overgrown with giant roots.

If you want to eat with an atmosphere like in Europe, you can stop by the Spiegel Bar & Bistro. The building, which is around 120 years old, serves a variety of cocktails, seafood, bread, and western food menus. Do not forget also the streets of the Old City are quite instagenic and worth exploring.

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, Sukabumi-West Java

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, Sukabumi-West Java
Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, Sukabumi-West Java via Shutterstock

Friends Traveler ever heard of the legend of Nyi Roro Kidul? A south Javanese sea ruler who is said to always wear traditional green clothes. Well Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is believed to be the queen’s residence. Not surprisingly, trust arises, people avoid wearing green.

Nyi Roro Kidul can bring visitors who dress in their favorite colors. But apart from these myths, the coast is indeed steep and gentle, with strong currents. No need to worry, Friends Traveler can enjoy the beauty of the Port Ratu Beach panorama from the beach at a safe point.

34Siung Beach, Gunungkidul-Jogja

Siung Beach, Gunungkidul-Jogja via Shutterstock

The Gunungkidul area in Jogja is indeed known as a beach paradise. One of them is Siung Beach, which is famous as the location of extreme rock climbing sports. There are at least 250 international long cliff paths in the region.

Take it easy, Friends Traveler can still enjoy the beauty of Siung Beach from the beach. If on vacation with family, can rent a mat and then held it on the sand. You will be treated to a view of a giant rocky hill, and a beautiful bluish sea.

35Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Malang-East Java

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Malang-East Java via Shutterstock

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park or abbreviated as TNBTS, has mountains that are often used as tourist guides, especially climbers. This area is located on the border of four districts, Malang, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Probolinggo. Bromo is the most visited because it has interesting attractions besides climbing.

Among them are enjoying the beauty of savanna, riding horses, or taking pictures on the Teletubbies Hill. There is also Lake Ranu Kumbolo at the foot of Mount Semeru and Ranu Pane. When visiting TNBTS you must pay attention to the weather situation.

36Equator Monument, Pontianak-West Kalimantan

Equator Monument, Pontianak-West Kalimantan via Shutterstock

Equator Monument is a tourist spot in Indonesia, precisely Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Is a marker of crossing the equator, built simply in 1928. Then perfected by making duplication sized 5 times larger in the 1990s.

Interesting attraction in this place is when the culmination of the Sun. It is a moment where the position of the sun is directly above the equator. When the phenomenon occurs, the shadow of the object disappears for a few seconds.

37Raja Ampat, West Papua

Raja Ampat, West Papua via Shutterstock

Being one of the world’s best underwater diving locations, Raja Ampat has a diversity of underwater flora and fauna that is so captivating. Even some scientists research, 75% of coral reefs in the world are found in this one archipelago. Therefore, many foreign tourists who call this a hidden paradise.

It should be noted, to enter this area Friends Traveler must register first. If you travel from Sorong Harbor, you can use a public boat to go to the capital city of Raja Ampat. For dive sites, can use a speedboat provided around the location.

38Lake Sentani, Papua

Lake Sentani, Papua via Shutterstock

Presenting extraordinary natural beauty, Lake Sentani has a charm that is no less beautiful than Raja Ampat. Although often visited by tourists, this place still feels natural. Uniquely, around the lake there are as many as 22 islands.

If you are interested in visiting here, the best time is around June. Because in that month the Lake Sentani Festival is regularly held. Friends friends can see the Papuan War Dance.

39Halmahera, North Maluku

Halmahera, North Maluku via Shutterstock

For those who like to enjoy the beauty of marine life that is so riveting, can directly come to Halmahera in North Maluku. The fact is that there are around 450 species of coral reef here, 56% of which can be found here. No wonder this island has always been hunted by foreign tourists.

One of the islands that must not be missed is Bobale. Despite having a size that is not too broad, this island is also a favorite destination. Traveler friends can do interesting activities ranging from snorkeling, diving, or just spending time playing sand on the beach.

40Labuan Bajo, Flores

Labuan Bajo, Flores via Shutterstock

Much can be found here, ranging from marine tourism, hills, beaches, and other islands. Some of the popular ones are Pink Beach, Kanawa Island, Padar Island, and many more. With such a natural atmosphere, this place is suitable for those who like adventure.

Providing a clear view of the water, it’s no wonder that many tourists who visit stay at home from home. This place is a paradise for lovers of diving and one of its popular spots is Manta Point. Friend Traveler will find Manta fish or better known as stingrays more closely.

41Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Bali via Shutterstock

Vacation to the Island of the Gods it’s a shame if you do not visit Ubud. Known for its atmosphere that is so solemn, this area is the right location to relieve stress due to daily busyness. Friends friends will be spoiled by the treat of green rice fields.

Not only has the natural beauty that is so riveting, culture, culinary, and shopping trips are also worth a try. Travelers are free to shop for souvenirs such as unique handicrafts. Even organic culinary hunting is too bad to miss.

42Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara

Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara via Shutterstock

Well, if planning a vacation to Labuan Bajo, it’s really mandatory to set foot in Komodo National Park. Tourism that is already famous in the eyes of this world, displays the uniqueness that is not owned by other islands. Therefore, meeting this rare reptile is a moment to be proud of.

Komodo has inhabited this island since 40 million years ago. Traveler friends can do interesting activities ranging from watching the dragons up close, mingling with local residents, snorkeling, and even seeing bats on Kalong Island. Wow, it’s really exciting if you go on holiday here, of course!

43Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara via Shutterstock

Sumba Island, located in East Nusa Tenggara, displays extraordinary beauty. Just like heaven is hidden on the motherland, natural beauty like this is very imprint in memory. Interesting facts again, Sumba has never been controlled by any nation.

Imagined how the atmosphere is so natural? A Traveler’s friend can also see the beauty of the beach, the hills and the lake. Is it more stable to make Sumba your holiday destination?

44​​Geopark Ciletuh, Sukabumi

Geopark Ciletuh, Sukabumi via Shutterstock

Entered into the list of Global Geopark Network by UNESCO, the area which is located in Sukabumi, West Java, presents a variety of natural beauty. Tourists can find waterfalls, rice fields, fields, to the ocean. No wonder because it presents a complete natural beauty, this place is a favorite destination.

As the name implies, Geopark, Friends Traveler can find beautiful old stones that have weathered and even surfaced. Suitable bagets if enjoyed with family or friends. Prepare your camera to take pictures here huh!

45Borobudur Temple, Magelang

Borobudur Temple, Magelang via Shutterstock

Historical tourism that is already familiar to the ear is the Borobudur Temple, located in Magelang. Relief that is so unique and the number of temples that are not small always makes anyone who comes made curious. Being the greatest human masterpiece, the existence of this temple is a sign and evidence of ancient humans in the fields of architecture, literature, and technology.

There are also two museums which contain information about the history of Asian-African trade in ancient times. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of the architecture, Friend Traveler can also increase knowledge. Of course many become a favorite of many people.

46Pahawang Island, Lampung

Pahawang Island, Lampung via Shutterstock

Not only Way Kambas, Pahawang Island also showed off. This cluster of islands in Lampung has underwater beauty that can be enjoyed by tourists. Of course, marine biota that is owned has its own uniqueness.

The location of this island itself is in the administrative area of ​​Punduh Pidada Subdistrict, Pesawaran Regency, located in Pinduh Bay. The marine ecosystem is still maintained until now. Interestingly again, not only can you enjoy the natural beauty that is so captivating, Friend Traveler can hunt tempting sea food.

47Wamena, Papua

Wamena, Papua

The next tourist attraction in Indonesia is Wamena which is the largest city located in the middle of the mountains of Papua. This city is a paradise and a pearl that has not been touched by many human hands. Wamena is located in a valley and flowed by the Baliem river and flanked by the Jayawijaya mountains with a height of about 1800 meters.

Being in a high region, of course the air is very cool. Green trees and mountain landscapes from a distance really spoil the eye. Friends friends can visit the traditional village of Pugima, Contilola Cave, and Wamena Botanical Gardens.

48Tanah Lot, Tabanan

Tanah Lot, Tabanan via Shutterstock

Visiting Bali Island would not be complete if you haven’t visited the magnificent temple. One of the mandatory locations to be visited is Tanah Lot. In this destination in Tabanan, visitors can witness the magnificent and amazing Tanah Lot Temple.

Tanah Lot Temple feels special because it is located on a giant rock formed by the big waves for decades. This tourist attraction, including popular among tourists. In addition to its cultural appeal, the panorama around here is also very beautiful.

49Monkey Forest, Ubud

Monkey Forest, Ubud via Shutterstock

The Holy Mandala Wenara Wana is more popular in the ears of tourists with the name Monkey Forest Ubud. This place is the original habitat of Balinese long-tailed macaques or macaca fascicularis. There are more than 700 monkeys living in this location filled with lush trees.

In addition to seeing first hand the behavior of the monkeys, visitors can also visit three temples in the Monkey Forest area. Its location is included in the area of ​​Padangtegal Village, and now plays a vital role in the spiritual, economic and educational development of the surrounding community.

50Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Nusa Lembongan, Bali via Shutterstock

Nusa Lembongan is a small island in the southeastern part of Bali. Later it has become one of the popular tourist destinations for tourists on the Island of the Gods. The atmosphere is far more solemn than South Bali, which from day to day is increasingly crowded by local and foreign tourists.

There are many interesting activities to do in Nusa Lembongan. Besides surfing, visitors can also fill time by diving or snorkeling. As far as the eye can see, only a beautiful blue sea will be seen.

51Prambanan Temple, Jogja

Prambanan Temple, Jogja via Shutterstock

Prambanan is a Hindhu temple complex from the golden era of the Mataram Kingdom. They had taken control of the central part of Java and conquered Sailendra Dynasty.

The massive and magnificent Prambanan Temple made UNESCO enter this site in the list of world heritage, although its popularity is often inferior to Borobudur Temple. Very worth a visit, especially at certain times Prambanan will hold a Ramayana ballet performance.

52Mount Merapi, Jogja

Mount Merapi, Jogja Via Shutterstock

Merapi is a volcano located in central Java, located in the region of Jogjakarta and Solo. The surrounding scenery is truly amazing. Must be visited at least once in a lifetime if you are around the City of Gudeg or the City of Batik.

Visitors can also try the fun adventuring around the slopes of Merapi while riding a jeep. Along the way, tourists will be invited to visit some interesting spots such as disaster bunkers and alien-shaped stones.

53Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali via Shutterstock

After waiting for almost 30 years, Garuda Wisnu Kencana finally finished at the end of 2018 ago. The monument inspired by creatures in Hindhu philosophy is now included in the ranks of the world’s five highest statues. So massive, tourists can see the form of Garuda Wisnu Kencana from since landing at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.

Besides admiring the massive monuments by I Nyoman Nuarta, in the GWK complex there are many interesting activities that can be done. In addition to going around using a special mini bus, visitors will be spoiled for performances at the amphitheater, the beauty of the lotus pond, or movies at Garuda Cinema.

54Malioboro Street, Jogja

Malioboro Street, Jogja via Shutterstock

Malioboro Street area is one of the popular tourist destinations in Jogja. Every corner is almost always full of tourists from time to time. Besides being close to the Vredeburg Fort and the Keraton area, here visitors can also find a line of traditional culinary vendors and Jogja’s distinctive accessories.

The Jogja government has continued to develop the Maliboro region in recent years. Later, the road here has been determined to be free of motorized vehicles. In addition, there is now a row of Bedjokarto Statues which is a brand new attraction for visitors.

55Monumen Nasional (Monas), Jakarta

Monumen Nasional (Monas), Jakarta

Monas is one of the iconic landmarks in central Jakarta. Its form symbolizes the spirit of the struggle of the Indonesian people. Opened since 1975, this building stands majestically with gold-plated flames.

Besides being a tourist destination, Monas is also one of the popular public spaces in Jakarta. Local residents often use it to exercise or relax on weekends. If you want to feel the atmosphere of capital life, Monas is clearly not to be missed.

56Taman Sari, Jogja

Taman Sari, Jogja via Shutterstock

Jogjakarta has a series of tourist destinations that are never to be missed. Some of them are beautiful and intricate architecture buildings, relics from the golden era of the palace. Taman Sari is one of them.

This area was once used as a bath for the royal family, including the empresses and ladies in waiting. Now, Taman Sari has become an unyielding location in the City of Gudeg. There are many amazing photos can be produced in this historic place.

57Taman Mini, Jakarta

Istana Anak Anak Playcentre in Taman Mini Indonesia Park via Shutterstock

Taman Mini Indonesia is a cultural-themed recreation area in East Jakarta. The extent of reaching 101 hectares and filled with a variety of vehicles that describe the daily life of the tribes in Indonesia. There is also an artificial lake here with a replica of the Nuantara region above it.

Visitors can also feel another excitement while in Taman Mini. Starting from seeing the panoramic elevation with a cable car, to watch a film show at the Keong Mas theater. Suitable as a family vacation destination on weekends.

58Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung via Shutterstock

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is about 25 kilometers north of Bandung. One of the popular tourist attractions in Indonesia offers a variety of exciting activities. Starting from just enjoying the beautiful panorama around the mountain, to try to navigate the crater and explore the lush forest area.

While here, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Domas Crater. Here visitors can find a hot spring, which is so hot that it can be used to cook boiled eggs. The facilities around the Tangkuban Perahu area are complete, starting from the parking area, souvenir stalls, and restaurants.

59Tanjung Puting, Central Kalimantan

Sekonyer River via Shutterstock

Tanjung Puting is one of the popular tourist destinations in Central Kalimantan. Visitors can watch orangutans roam freely here. Holidays will be memorable while down the river in the middle of a lush forest. Guaranteed to bring unforgettable experience.

Tourists will be invited to observe the natural ecosystem along the flow of the Sekonyer River. Special again, the trip will be done using a klotok ship which is equipped with quite luxurious facilities. Once they reach their final destination, visitors will be able to learn more about life and the importance of orangutan conservation.

Dozens of tourist attractions in Indonesia above, a picture of the beauty of the archipelago that never stops making many people fascinated. Among these, which ones have Traveler Friends visited? Or is there someone who really wants to be visited?


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