Did the Simpsons predict the deadly Chinese Coronavirus?
Did the Simpsons predict the deadly Chinese Coronavirus? (Foto Disney)

The famous series of The Simpsons has become famous in social networks for predicting relevant events such as Trump’s arrival in the United States presidency, Germany’s win in Brazil and Neymar’s injury in the 2014 World Cup. Apparently years behind the yellow family predicted the appearance of the coronavirus.

Social media users soon compared the outbreak of the deadly virus in Wuhun, China, with a chapter of The Simpsons. This is episode 21 of the fourth season entitled “Marge Chained.”

In the episode an employee from Osaka, Japan, has a strange flu which arrives in Springfield through packages that are sent from the Asian country. The inhabitants of Springfield are infected with this virus when they open the boxes of their orders.

Although the coronavirus emerged in China, users related the virus outbreak to the Simpsons chapter.

Other prophecies of The Simpsons

One of the most famous is when in the room of “Lisa” a poster with the 2010 tour of the Rolling Stones is observed and just happened like that; Just like Lisa goes gaga, Lady Gaga performed in Springfield and flew over the stage. As he did during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Another prediction was what happened in a boxing match between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua. In the episode “Homer for the Championship”, Moe trains Homer to be able to compete against other boxers without him putting his hands in, since his strategy is to let his opponents get tired of hitting him and falling tired, so Homer It always wins.

However, when Rufo Tatum and this one do not seem to show signs of fatigue, Homer suffers from the blows and Moe ends up intervening and getting his pupil out of the fight with a flying machine.

Although, Ruiz’s fight did not end like The Simpsons and nobody took the boxer out of the ring flying, if a boxer who had not trained almost anything against one who prepared butt could be seen, a situation that was even reflected with memes and comparisons they did not wait

Coronavirus, the origin

According to research by scientists, this deadly virus emerged in an animal and seafood market located in Wuhun, China.

So far the coronavirus has claimed the lives of 41 people in China. In countries where there are confirmed cases are Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and France.

In China, scientists created the National System of Scientific and Technological Resources Services for New Coronaviruses to conduct research that helps the scientific community study the deadly virus.


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