President Joko Widodo
President Joko Widodo

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) installed the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) today. There are 9 members appointed.

The inauguration was held at the State Palace, Central Jakarta, Friday (12/13/2019) at 14.50 WIB. The inauguration began with singing the song Indonesia Raya and the inauguration decree reading. Jokowi is leading the oath of office.

“By Alla I swear / by God I promise, that I will be loyal to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and will carry out all laws and regulations straightforwardly for the sake of dharma devotion to the nation and state that in carrying out my position will uphold the ethics of office, work should be best with a sense of responsibility, “said Jokowi followed by members of the Wantimpres who were appointed.

After the oath was taken, the members of the Wantimpres signed the minutes of the inauguration. Indonesia Raya song was played again.

The following is a list of Wantimpres members appointed by Jokowi:
1. Sidharto Danusubroto (PDIP)
2. Wiranto (former Menko Polhukam / Hanura Founder)
3. Arifin Panigoro (businessman)
4. Agung Laksono (Golkar)
5. Putri Kuswisnu Wardani (businessman)
6. Dato Sri Tahir (businessman)
7. M Mardiono (PPP / entrepreneur)
8. Habib Lutfi bin Yahya (Ulama)
9. Soekarwo (former Governor of East Java)


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