Corona Virus under Microscope
Corona Virus under Microscope

The Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences revealed the first images of what the coronavirus looks like in a microscope.

The Institute informed, through its website that the National System of Scientific and Technological Resources Services for New Coronavirus was created to support the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of coronavirus infection.

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Thanks to the creation of this new system, electronic micrographs of the virus were released for the first time, such as the one published by the Institute of Microbiology on its website.

The coronavirus image was captured thanks to a special microscope at a distance of 100 nm.

Corona Virus
Corona Virus

The Institute of Microbiology published two photos showing the virus that has claimed the lives of 26 people in China. You can see small circles surrounded by a darker structure.

The agency that investigates the virus indicates that with the launch of the National System of Scientific and Technological Resources Services for New Coronavirus, it is sought that information and scientific data related to new viruses of this type be disclosed in a timely manner to support research scientific

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The memes about the shape of the coronavirus

Before the scientists revealed the photos of the virus, users of social networks made jokes and published memes in which they pointed out that the structure of the virus had to do with a known beer.

On social networks they shared fun composite photos that combined images taken from microscopes and the bottle of the Corona brand beer.

They joked that the virus did not refer to a type of pneumonia but to the desire to drink beer.


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