Google Map to Locate #Coronavirus Cases
Google Map to Locate #Coronavirus Cases

ZERO.idUsers Create Google Map to Locate #Coronavirus Cases. Faced with the emergency caused by the coronavirus, Internet users were given the task of creating an interactive map on Google in which they point to places in the world where there are cases of the deadly virus.

The map also shows the places where there are suspicion of cases of the virus and also points to Wuhun as the place of the epicenter of the virus outbreak.

In the case of Mexico, Jalisco is only shown as the site where there is suspicion of three infected people, as well as Michoacán with the possible case of one person.

For its part, Google sent a statement stating that any user can use the maps interface to create custom maps, establish routes and share information.

He also explained that when created by users, Google clarifies that it was not done by the company, so the information shared is not verified or endorsed by any organization.


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